Your Responsibilities

Delightful and Loving
Snappy and Snarling??
It is almost entirely up to YOU!

AGE: Make sure your puppy stays with the litter until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks of age. Things such as bite inhibition are learned during this period. It is crucial!

SOCIALIZATION: Dogs need to be socialized from the time they are very young puppies. What you do in the first few weeks will make a difference for their entire life. You MUST socialize them with dogs, kids and adults; and in various situations and under close supervision.

SCHOOL: What better way to begin the socialization than in puppy school. Be sure they use positive training methods; NO choke chains or negative corrections! Observe a class before signing up.

TIME: To properly raise an enjoyable dog, expect to spend as much time as you would to raise a child!!

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Before you get that puppy, do a lot of research on the breed and on raising a puppy, as well as living with an adult dog. You only get one chance to do it right!


There are many books and web sites available to help you. You can also join an email list dedicated to the subject. (Search for ‘Westies’ to find an active list.) Also use the Profiler at WWW.WESTIECLUBAMERICA.COM and read their information.


You want your pet to be registered with the AKC because this is what most responsible breeders use and it provides entry to many AKC activities


BUT DON’T BE FOOLED! The AKC is JUST a registry. In and of itself, it does NOT guarantee the quality of your puppy or even that they are purebred. The AKC registers puppy mill dogs too! AND BE AWARE There are many other registries out there; ‘registered’ does not necessarily mean AKC!

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