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Our Club, the WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER CLUB OF SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN, is one of several AKC Westie Clubs in this country. We are organized under the AKC as a Conformation Club and we hold two Specialties each year. We also do other activities as a Club. For example, we have had Obedience/Behavior Seminars, an Earthdog Seminar and a Nosework(R) Clinic. We have playdates where we gather and let our Westies have fun together while we visit. We have a Westie picnic every summer and a Christmas party every winter. We are a growing Club. We expanded to include “Associate Memberships” as well as “Active Memberships”. This means that people can join our Club even if they cannot attend meetings.

The various Westie Clubs around the country are also organized within a National Club Structure. While we are AKC Clubs and “Ruled” by the AKC, the National Club Structure gives us the ability to work together in a nation-wide effort on many levels. The National Club Website can be found at www.westieclubamerica.com. Please take the time to visit this site and explore the many tools available to members and Westie owners as well as those who are considering the addition of a Westie to their family. You will find helpful information such as contacts to find Club breeders in your vicinity, a quiz to help you decide if a Westie really is the right breed for you and your family and a Rescue resource if you are interested in adopting or in helping with the Rescue effort. The various Clubs around the country are listed as well as the dates of their Specialities. We hope you will spend a good amount of time at this site.

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