Westie 101

When the Michigan Club formed our Education Committee, one of the goals quickly chosen was to attend various dog-related functions where informational handouts could be provided. The Committee went in search of appropriate handouts and found several but nothing that really did the job of describing a Westie at an afordable price….What the breed is like, where to find a good breeder (and why), and what needs to be done to raise the puppy well. So we set about making up our own handout. The result is provided below to anyone who is interested in reading it, seeing it, using it or adapting it to their own organizational needs.

The Pamphlet is a 3-fold document. The download is in PDF format and will require that you have a copy of Adobe PDF. If you do not have this, go to http://www.adobe.com/ and download from there.

Download Front

Download back


Please feel free to adapt this pamphlet to your own needs. Just remove our name from your version. We don’t want credit so much as we want the information to get out to the puppy buyers before they make their decision on what breed to purchase.





Click on the puppy to read about “Things to Think About in Selecting a Breeder”