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Read All About the Rescue Process before filling out the application. You might want to consider fostering before you adopt. We desperately need foster homes.

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There are Rescues for most breeds, mixed breeds and also ‘all-breed’ rescues. Westie Rescue is offered in most states and coverage is afforded all states via the NATIONAL WESTIE CLUB  (When you get there, be sure to click on the menu item, ‘Rescue’ .)

Before you contact a Rescue to adopt a Westie, please make sure you research the breed to be sure it is one which will fit in with your lifestyle. Westies are NOT for everyone! When doing your research, make sure you understand the source of the information. If you do a general search of the Internet to find Westies, you will get many sites. Some of them are out there with the sole intention of selling you a puppy. This is not the most unbiased source of information. It is usually best to research the breed through the National Breed Club or Local Breed Clubs. These organizations DO have many breeders who do sell their puppies. But they also experience the other side of the coin. They DO Rescue. And the Breeders take their own dogs back if they don’t work out.

The Rescue branch of the organization (which may be made up of non-breeders and breeders alike) takes in the dogs that were sold by not so responsible breeders (including puppy mills, pet stores and many backyard breeders) who do not take responsibility for the puppies they produce for their lifetime. Thus Breed Clubs have an incentive to try to educate the public and make sure that no one buys a puppy which is not appropriate for them. Rescues provide a ‘safety net’ for those unfortunate Westies who have no breeder that will stand behind them.

Each Westie Rescue is independent and their method of handling Rescue can vary. This is due to things such as available foster homes, available funds, local judicial systems, quality of local shelters, etc. The Westie Club of America (see below) has an entire section of their website devoted to Rescue. There you will find a ‘Code of Conduct’ which guides the ‘member’ organizations. And you will also find a state-by-state listing which will give you contact information.

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