Mitzi was adopter by her foster mom……who fell in love with her. All seniors are not this lucky…please make arrangements for your dogs before something happens.

Mitzy came into foster care on May 5, 2006. She is 13 1/2 years old and was being released to rescue because her owners were going into a senior living environment both due to health and financial necessity. She adjusted to my pack very well. She is a wonderful lady with the same Westie spirit as my 8 year old female but with a much softer side. She had not had any medical attention for a few years and had never had her teeth cleaned. She was eating a very inexpensive food so with having an achy mouth from her teeth and limited nutrition she is very skinny. She adapted immediately to our life style. She is very conscious of the other dogs and picked up behavior from them. She had never slept in a kennel but went in right away. She woke up the first night twice and needed to go out and then only once the second night. By the third night she was on our schedule and slept through the night. Within 3 days we have incorporated her into our family with very limited effort.

I think the biggest misconception is that because they are old dogs they cannot be retrained. Mitzy is on our schedule and eating our food. She is the most loving little lady in the world. The thought that she would be put down due to her age is so ridiculous to me. When I took her in I committed myself to her good. It was not a compromised promise because of her age. It was as solid a commitment as I have given any dog at any age in my life. I would consider it an honor to make Mitzy my own. It is not the quantity of years but the quality of years. There is so much love in her. There are people who have told me I am crazy. They have said that there is something seriously wrong with me that I would do this. You have to be prepared to get ridiculed. You also have to be prepared to be loved more and in such a special way then you have ever been loved in your life. When they look at you with their eyes you know that age does not matter. Maybe she only has a few years, but I guarantee it will be some of the best years of your life.

You know the “Grandma Hug”? The hug your grandmother gave you that you will always remember. That is the same kind of hug these guys give. Is it work and commitment……you bet! Is it worth it? More than I could ever tell you. There are no guarantees in life. There is no rule that says young live longer than old. I have seen young people die and old people die. I have seen young dogs die and old dogs die. There are some really mean young people that I would not want to spend two hours with. Young is not equal to wonderful or easy or better. I do not think people or animals should be discriminated against because of their age. You could be missing out on a very special friendship.
Will it be hard to let her go? Yes and no. I have peace seeing how well she adapted to my world. The screening process is so thorough in our group that only the perfect people will be chosen for potential adopters. Our rescues have the best odds of getting the best home. I have great comfort in that. I also know that I am not ruled out of the equation either. It could work out that I am her forever home. Whatever is best for her is what a mom wants. I am her mom and I want what is best for her.
No matter what happens, nothing can take away the memories. This is the most rewarding thing you can do. All the Rescue Auctions that I have purchased things from that support the Rescue is an important equation in this too. I could not afford to pay for all her medical attention to get her healthy. If it were not for the auctions and fund raisers we could not do for her what she needs. It is wonderful to be able to provide for her in a way that she really needs. Thank you to everyone who contributes and makes this possible.

Need a hug? I have just the ticket…………….

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