Elderly and Loss


The loss of a much loved pet can be especially difficult for senior adults, who experience tremendous benefits from the companionship of animals as well as the profound grief responses to a pet’s death. Issues that are unique to seniors can affect these responses. They have already experienced other losses such as the deaths of spouses, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors and friends.

For many seniors, the relationships that they have with their dog is the most important relationship in their lives. Someone to care for, to sleep with, to get up for each day…someone that provides continued unconditional love. These pets are their families and best friends…someone to talk to and communicate with. It makes them feel useful and needed. Losing a pet means losing this companionship and the feeling of being needed. The absence of a beloved animal can be overwhelming. They experience the feeling of no longer being needed; there is no more warmth; no one for them to care for. This is such a significant loss. During this painful time of grieving, seniors need help and support. If you know of a senior who has lost a pet, take the time to listen to them. If you feel they need help, get it for them. Encourage them to adopt a senior dog from a rescue group or shelter.

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