Dog Show 101

Going to an all-breed dog show enables you to see competition as well as several breeds of dogs. It gives you a chance to see the dogs ‘in person’. You may even get the chance to speak with some of the handlers and breeders. If you are ‘dog shopping’, it is a great place to see a wide variety of breeds.


There are three types of shows:

  1. All-breed Shows
  2. Specialty Shows
  3. Group Shows

The AKC offers a wide variety of resources to assist everyone from the first-time puppy buyer to the experienced dog fancier. All exhibitors are required to be familiar with these rules prior to entering a dog show. To order the rule book, contact Customer Service at 919-233-9767 or via email at Copies of this rulebook may also be purchased at their online store. The following information is intended as a general description of dog shows and is not intended as complete information about any aspect of showing. For complete information, see the Rules Applying to Dog Shows.

Another good site for information on dog shows is: INFODOG


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